How Do I Contact Hotmail Support?

Hotmail is the email service launched by Microsoft for so many years people worldwide are using it. Microsoft has other products as well, and it is trusted by many users, because of its remarkable services and products. But sometimes Hotmail may stop working because of an error. If you are facing any issues in your Microsoft Hotmail, directly contact Hotmail support for collecting solutions from Microsoft experts.

To contact the Hotmail support department, you will find various ways both online and offline.

  1. You can contact Hotmail support by phone number-1 (800) 642-7676.
  2. You can chat with Microsoft Hotmail customer service executive to get the instant solution.
  3. Hotmail support also has facilitated email service for its users to contact their support department.
  4. The virtual agent is another great way to reach Hotmail support 24/7. You can have chat with the virtual agent.
  5. You can participate in the Hotmail support forum to contact Hotmail support service.
  6. You can contact Microsoft Hotmail support through their official support website, as well.

Is There A Phone Number For Hotmail Support?

Are you looking for a direct number to contact Hotmail support? If you are looking for the same, well, first of all, you have landed on the right page. After all the suffering here you will get the best toll-free Hotmail support phone number-1 (800) 642-7676.

  1. You can call on the Hotmail support phone number any time, as the support department works 24/7.
  2. Your calls with being handled by trained professionals of Hotmail.
  3. Dial 1 (800) 642-7676 phone number to contact Hotmail support to get free access to reach the experts.
  4. Hotmail support number the best voted and mostly used service by the users.

You will find different Hotmail support phone numbers for different countries:

  1. For the USA users: 1 (800) 642-7676
  2. For UK Users: +44-203-970-0430
  3. For Canada Users: 1 (877) 568-2495
  4. For Indian Users: 1800 102 1100
  5. For Australia Users: 13 20 58

How Do I Contact Hotmail by Phone?

If you need to talk to a live person at the Hotmail support department, there is the best way that is called Hotmail by phone. This is the most convenient way to tell your issues to them, and it is the most widely used option. Dial 1 (800) 642-7676 number to directly get connected with the live person of Hotmail customer service by phone.

Here are the options to contact Hotmail by phone for different departments:

After listening to an automated message, you need to press:

  1. Questions related to purchase a product from Microsoft, press 1.
  2. To know order status, shipping or refunds, press 2.
  3. To talk to the Hotmail customer service executive, press 3.

If you have pressed 3 first you will get sub-menus:

  1. For questions related to Xbox, press 1.
  2. For questions related to the Surface product, press 2.
  3. For questions related to Office, press 3.
  4. For questions related to Windows, press 4.
  5. For questions related to cell phones, press 5.
  6. For questions related product, press 6.

To talk to the live person, you have to again press 6 in the next sub-menu.

Is Microsoft Hotmail Tech Support Free?

If you are facing any technical problem in your Hotmail, don’t need to call a technician from outside. Here, with Microsoft Hotmail tech support help, you will get the free service. The Hotmail technical support executives work to solve if there is any connectivity problem you are facing, set up the problem, network issue, or some other problems, you just need to call toll-free Hotmail tech support number.

Yes, Microsoft Hotmail tech support service is for free, you can talk to the tech support representative overcall by dialing Hotmail support phone number- 1 (800) 642-7676.

  1. You will get into touch with the professional technicians of Hotmail.
  2. You don’t need to pay a penny to get the service.
  3. The Hotmail tech support department is filled with well-skilled and professional’s technicians.
  4. While calling you will hear so many options, but you need to press 3 in the first menu, then press 6 and again 6 in the second and third menus respectively.
  5. You can trust Hotmail tech support, as they won’t share your information with the third person.
  6. No back calls you will receive.
  7. You can call the tech support number 1 (800) 642-7676 any time, have they stay active 24/7.

How Can I Contact Hotmail Customer Service?

There are 6 ways to contact Hotmail customer service. You can contact the high-skilled executive of Hotmail by:

  1. Toll-free phone number-1 (800) 642-7676
  2. Chat with Hotmail executive to get high-end solutions
  3. Email Microsoft Hotmail support to get answers to your queries.
  4. Contact Hotmail by Microsoft remote assistant.
  5. You can land on the Hotmail support website.
  6. You can participate in Hotmail support forums to contact customer service.

Hotmail customer service stays active 24/7, you can call them anytime. By getting assistance with Hotmail customer support you will experience the best client handling practice and how calmly they listen to you to solve your problem. If you don’t how to call Hotmail support, you can dial easy Hotmail support phone number-1 (800) 642-7676.

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